Monday, December 6

Was it really that long ago?

May 29th?? 2009??? I can't believe I did it again! I started something, put it down for a minute and then realized I never finished, yet another project! Sheesh! Will it ever end?
We're about to find out.

Okay so here is the story... I secretly wish I was a writer. But I don't have the drive to see if I could be one. So I keep hearing about bloggers. At first when blogging just started I didn't think much of it. I thought it was nothing special. But it has grown into a HUGE thing!

So I decided to get my writing fix and see if I can jump on, and stay on, this blogging wagon.
Now there are people who are famous for their blogs! Unimaginable! But I think it's super cool.

DO I want to be famous for my blogging. No. Not really. I just want to write for fun, if anyone comes along to say hi and decide to stay a while, I welcome them with open arms! If not, then so be it. No harm no foul. If nothing else I'll become a better typist. :)

So, where to begin? Oh, my introduction. Yea... um... I am a procrastinator. I also seem to have some kind of short term memory thing where if I don't see something I will completely forget about it. You know "Outta sight, Outta mind" Hence me starting a blog and not coming back for over a year and a half! I didn't have any "BLOGGER" icon on my desktop to remind me to comeback here. So now I'm learning, in order to not forget something, I better write it down. (pausing to write it down.)

"Don't forget your blog"

There, let's see if that works.

Now there is so much I would like to start out with to get the ball rolling but I think I better take things slow. Not a year and a half slow! I heard what you were thinking! But one subject at a time slow. Pray for me!

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  1. We are SO much alike, it's almost scary! LOL