Thursday, February 17


The other day we turned down our street and my husband and I literally said "WOW!" at the same time. The sunset was BEAUTIFUL! The clouds were what I creatively call "sand clouds", they look like someone drove through a sandy beach leaving tire marks in a perfect pattern across the sky. They were all sorts of colors from yellow to orange to pink. It filled not just the usual sunset part of the sky but it covered us as well, making everything in our neighborhood glow with an orange tint to it.

As we drove toward the sunset down our street the sky was so bright and beautiful we could barely take our eyes off of the sky. As we approached our community to turn into it my husband said "I was watching the sky and while it seemed to stay still everything else passed by and I hardly noticed that we were home already."

This made me think about our GOD. That if we drive our spiritual car towards HIM and never take our eyes off of HIM the world will go through many changes along the way but GOD promises never to change. HE is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hebrews 13:8

I have recently had a few changes in my life. Some confusing, some saddening, some exciting and rewarding and some just plain fun. Through these last few months I have been working hard to focus more on my LORD than I ever have. And though the worst change was saddening in my life, I was able to pull through it without much resentment or frustration because I kept my eyes on my LORD through it all.

I pray that if you read this and you are going through any changes at all, especially the harder ones, that you might turn to GOD. He wants to help you through it more than anything. He is eagerly rubbing HIS hands together waiting with anticipation for you to say "Help me Father".