Friday, July 10

Camping Trip

So we just got back from an almost week long camping trip with friends from church. We had an amazing time. I was extremely impressed with the fact that everyone that we knew from only seeing them through church activities was true to character the entire time we were camping with them. I fully expected to see a side of some that I didn't want to know existed. New friendships were made that I am pretty excited about as well. God truly blessed us all on this trip.

Just a few short memories from each day so I don't forget.

Wednesday: Road trip was comfortable and relaxing.
Bruce passed us up, we ran into them at a convenience store.
Got to camp, used detective work to figure out it was our group because no one was there. Jeff's flip flops, Mike's Trader Joe stuff, Nancy's Bible.

Soon as we put the tent up the wind started picking up and the storm rolled in. Rain started falling pretty hard just as dinner was about to be made. It POURED for the longest 45 minutes in history (wink wink)
Mike grilled hamburgers under an umbrella with a metal spatula under a thundering storm!
Kids took shelter in the shower because "It's warm and there are seats. Ready? Go!" (says Nate to Carissa who stood motionless and watched him run away. LOL
Our tent and the Ivey tent had a late night laugh fest. Asked to quiet down by the Breed tent. LOL.

Thursday: Crawfishing, "Levi was a trooper" Caught approximately 300 crawfish that night.

Ivey's made Indian tacos, yummm
Most went to Leman caves. Andrea and I went to the town to do laundry. Enjoyed wonderful conversation. Jeff took the girls to the lake. (Jessi, Trinity, Carissa)

Friday: Fishing/swimming/Levi in raft. Went back to camp to make dinner. Chili and 4 hour baked potatoes. Jeff, "Where's my dinner?"
Mike cut finger, "all the time" but rarely ever cut's himself. Broke his toe later that night. John and Levi went crawfishing alone at night.

Saturday: "Fishing date" with Karl. John caught "brown trout" I caught 4 rainbows. Kids went with rest to 4th of July parade. Leftover night, bacon wrapped hot dogs, fajitas, chili dogs, fried potatoes. Giovanni scares all the kids. Pinterest rockets were a dud. :(

Sunday: First cold morning. No more firewood. clear blue skies for the first time since we got there. Got to see a deer as I was praying by myself in the early morning.
Jeff, Andrea and Giovanni offered to pay for us to go to brunch with everyone else at Hotel Nevada. Jeff at time to pay, "I told them first."   Linus in a purse under the table. Such a good boy!

Monday, June 15

My Bible Study Today: James Chapter 1

Funny I have "had to," through different bible studies going on with different people, read and or study James chapter 1 and 2 3-4 times in the past 4 weeks. Think God is trying to tell me something?

So skipping over meditation on my favorite verses this time I decided to focus on the other verses to see what I have been missing.

I have a question about verse 10. "But the one who is rich should take pride in his low position..." This verse always makes me go "huh?" I honestly don't get it. Any opinions on what this might mean? I would love a discussion in the comments. :)

vs 20 spoke to me loud and clear! I am now holding a holy ice pack on my head from getting hit with this one. I am USUALLY ALWAYS (lol) very calm and collected and shake my head at people who outburst and don't take the time to understand others before jumping to conclusions. But last week when a lady backed into my car and ripped of the bumper on my brand new (to me) car I panicked and yelled "This is a brand new car, don't you look where you are going when you back up!?!?" I didn't even think to ask her if she was okay.

Afterward I had to tell my husband to handle things for me and I sat in my car and hid.
I have felt so much guilt over this since then.

This is totally out of my character and I honestly have no idea where this came from. An old friend and pastor of mine said to us once "When you are squeezed what comes out? This is what your heart is made of."   In this very situation I have to say I don't believe that to be true because that was definitely not me that came out. I am embarrassed and guilt-ridden because of it.

But that's just me being stubborn.
So today I am healing and learning from all of that and diving into God's word a little more purposeful than ever before. Seeking to find Scripture that I can memorize for those times when I may be squeezed in the future.

Verses 22-25, are more favorites. When I read these I want to glue a mirror to the front of my Bible. LOL. I feel it is SO SO SO important to read God's word. I happen to know a few Christians who only pick up their Bible's on Sunday on the way out the door to church. I used to be one of them. I wonder what your opinion is of these kinds of Christians? Can a person saved truly be a Christian if they never read God's word on their own?

This led me to a study on verse 22 "...humbly accept the word planted in you."

This is where I will spend the rest of my study time today.

Saturday, January 3

December 2014

Here's a little story I've got to tell about how amazing God is and how HE provided for my family this month! My heart is so full!

The end of the year has been a doozie!

Going all the way back to August: Finally found a doctor who gave me the option of a hysterectomy to finally be rid of my health issue I had been dealing with for almost 4 years. I can live a normal life again! Thank you Lord for allowing me to finally get in to see Dr S!

August was financially tough because we had to work hard to save up the money for my surgery, fast!

September I didn't get much done as I was healing and unable to really go anywhere for a few weeks.

October, almost done healing but only able to go out for very short shopping trips to the grocery store.

November: Here is where the fun begins!

At the end of October (I think) Jessi had a sleep over at a friends house. Well that night Levi was watching a movie in her room and discovered that water was leaking from the ceiling. And it wasn't raining. uh-oh.  
We learned it was a condenser or something that has to do with the A/C in the crawl space above her room. We were able to stop the leak but there was still water in the ceiling, this is not good.
So we notify the landlord. No reply.
A couple of days later the spring breaks on the garage door.  Notify landlord, no reply.
So a couple of days later he writes a long email basically saying repairs like this have always been our responsibility and if we didn't want to be responsible for taking care of the property then he would let us out of the lease because he doesn't even want the house anymore.

A couple of days later John sees a man in the driveway of the vacant house 3 doors down and he goes to introduce himself to see if he can get some side work for extra Christmas money.  The guy turns out to be the homeowner. After talking to him for about 10 minutes John is handed the keys and has a job fixing up the place and also an offer to rent his house for the exact same rent we were paying with his work as a deposit instead of money!  Who does this? GOD DOES, that's who!

So November began the moving process: No school this month because we have two houses to prepare for moving out of/into.

Halfway into November while sitting in church both John and I were convicted about the fact that we have never been faithful in tithing. We would tithe probably once or twice a year for one or two weeks and then "oh not this week because we need every dollar from this check" And of course next week we did too...

But this time we vowed to begin tithing and not stop for ANY reason.

During this time Johns work started forcing overtime and 5 ten hour days a week, plus a Saturday here and there.  Well with all the work needing to be done at home John ended up calling off of work every Friday in November.


The first Tuesday in December John was in a very minor, no injury, no damage accident at work and was suspended pending investigation.

The next Monday he was notified that he was fired because it seemed as if he was no longer taking his job seriously. After 10 years of being the safety conscious guy at work he gets tossed aside like trash when he needs this job the most. But oh well... this story isn't over!

So I immediately jump on Facebook pleading for work of any kind to help get us some money coming back in asap. Within a couple of hours John had several jobs lined up. Hanging Christmas lights, fixing things, moving rooms, and helping with a house remodel.
We had money coming in at exactly the pace we needed it!

Not only that but, we received a couple of cash gifts to help us out that were more than we "needed" from both our church family and our neighbors!
We also had a couple of surprise meals that came upon us from neighbors and our church family! They always came at the PERFECT time!

A side note, when John lost his job we had to explain to our kids that due to the surgery/healing/moving and now the job loss there would literally only be 1-2 gifts under the Christmas tree for each of them this year. Their reply,  with all their confidence and not the slightest hint of disappointment or wavering in the least... "That's okay"   I LOVE these kids!

What's funny is God's amazing timing. The day we sat down to work out our money and bills and said we have enough to get through this month one of the biggest cash gifts appeared in our hands!  It was so much that we were able to give some of it to someone else in need at this time. We got to work with her for a half a day cleaning a house together. :)

And then God's timing was amazing when we sat down one evening and I asked John what the plan was as far as looking for work.

He was going back and forth between looking for a job or trying to see if he could make this side job/handyman thing a full time business. And he was so busy with all the little jobs that he didn't have time to look for a job. 

This is where the union became our friend.  His name had been passed on to another company and they wanted to hire him but we had to wait to hear from them.

So this evening while we were talking John said something to me and my reply was "But what if that is not what God has planned?"  And less than a minute later the phone rings, at 5:30 in the evening, asking John to come in for an interview in 2 days!  

So as it stands today, with all of God's providence and love and support from family, friends and church family we had an amazing Christmas! I have never felt so loved in all my life! We truly are grateful for all God has done and the relationships he has built for us through this month.

Today John is working with Mike on finishing up that remodeling job, they are putting in flooring together. That job single handedly paid our rent this month. Although it was a tough job working for some difficult personalities the job was such a blessing! We are so thankful.

As of now all of our bills are paid as needed. And John starts his new job in 2 days.

We have food in our house to get us through a few more days and then a surprise check awaiting us at Republic will no doubt be enough for a few more groceries. We also have another grocery gift card waiting to be delivered to us probably on Tuesday from a dear friend.

During this entire time we have not stopped tithing, we have been faithful to God and trusted in Him to take care of our every need and He did!  Just like he promised because of our faithfulness.
We were prepared to trust Him no matter what happened. We prepared for the worst but God gave us the best! There are so many things my heart is feeling after all of this and none of it can I seem to express with words.

I have cried more this month than I have in years due to the overwhelming sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and other feelings that I don't even know what to call them!

GOD is GOOD! Seek him and you will find him. And once you find him hold on with every ounce of your being to Him. He won't let you go, for any reason.