Friday, December 10

Had a great day today! I actually was able to START my Christmas shopping TODAY!

Yea, I really haven't started until now. I do have a few things put away here and there from over the year picking up a thing or two but as for officially going out of the house with the intent on buying CHRISTMAS GIFTS, yea.. that started at 12:45 this afternoon.

I am feeling a little better now about having a really great Christmas. I was a little worried there for a bit but God provides for His children who strive to do His will and He is proving He will keep his promises. We see and feel His blessings all around us lately.

So tonight I get to start wrapping! Do I love wrapping? NOPE! I kind of highly dislike it with a strong passion. Sure I love it when its all done, pretty under the tree. But I don't like wrapping AT ALL! My mom on the other hand LOOOOVES it! I wish she would have passed on just 1/2 of her love for wrapping to me.

But I will press on, tonight I will hide in my bedroom watching Christmas movies or listening to my favorite Christmas CD's, not sure which yet. And I will wrap wrap wrap until I fall asleep.

My favorite CD's you ask. Well you might get a chuckle out of my list. Here they are in order from most favorite to least, but still a favorite don't forget.

1) Transiberian Orchestra
2) New Kids On The Block Christmas album
3) Disney Jingle Jamz
4) Kenny G

So tell me your favorites. I am curious to know if there is one I should go out and get for my collection.

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