Wednesday, February 3

Onions, Onions, aah aah aah!

Could someone please tell me WHY, just WHY,
 would the first person to ever cut an onion, 
eyes burning, 
tears streaming down the face-- 
WHY would they proceed to TASTE IT?
And then when it stung the tongue, 
why would then not RUN FROM IT?!

Why did that insane person have to go and now add it to food and discover that it helps food taste better? 
Frankly, I could do without but knowing what I am missing now makes it that much harder to say no to onions.

I really wish we could eat them without all the pain.

But on a serious note, for the past few months every time I cook with onions it makes everyone's eyes in the house burn painful for the rest of the night, Anyone got any ideas why this may be all of a sudden? It is actually getting to the point where we decided to not cook with onions the other day because none of us wanted our eyes burning all night . :(