Wednesday, December 29

After Christmas Reflection

So Christmas has come and gone; the wrapping paper, bows and empty packages have finally all been picked up and thrown away or recycled. The house feels a little bigger today.
What to do now?

I like to take the week after Christmas to reflect on my life. Am I where I want to be? As a mom and a wife, but most importantly as a follower of God?

The usual answer is no. Of course not. There is always room for improvement. Every year of course I say I am going to make a change in my life to be a better mom, wife and Christian.
And every year I fail. But thankfully, oh I am so thankful for this... My God doesn't.

It is impossible for God to fail. SO every year when I ask His help to "make me better" I spend every minute of the first week of January trying MY hardest while God just seems to sit back and relax waiting for me to let go and let HIM take over.

Then, and only then do I begin to change.

I seldom notice it, but here and there I really feel like a better person in one aspect of another.
I begin to think wiser thoughts, I begin to focus more on God, I find more teachable moments, I love my husband a little more, I spend more time with my Lord.

So by the end of the year when I take this time to reflect, I look at my spiritual mirror and I see less of myself and more of My Holy Loyal Savior. And I love what I see a lot more every year!


  1. LOL Crystal, I wrote my post this morning before ever reading your blog. Looks like we have the same thing on our minds for this new year. Maybe we should help to keep each other in check :o)

  2. HA ha! I just read yours. Yep sounds like a plan! Lets keep each other motivated! I love you girl!