Monday, December 13

1st Crystallization!

In my intro to my blog I explained that my family came up with the term Crystalized to explain the way I think about every day things. I can take a normal every day subject, item, or experience and give it pop, flare, make it more interesting or my favorite just plain silly!

This all came about during my family's favorite card game Apples to Apples. Which if you have never played it you have to go out and get yourself one for Christmas, you will love it! It is a very funny game. Before you say you don't enjoy playing games, let me tell you, my baby sister hated playing games with us until we got this game, now it's her favorite,in fact I am getting her a new version for Christmas this year, she loves it so much!

So during this game I will choose my favorite answers according to my "Crystalizational" way of thinking, also referred to as being "in my bubble" or "in the loop". Whenever I want my sister to choose my answer I warn her she has to "think loopy" with me in order to understand which way I am thinking about this particular subject/answer combination. She is the only one in the family who has the "loopy" capabilities. :)

Here is my first Crystalization since starting this blog... I told you about the tearing apart of the Bronco we bought from my sister. Well the first day my kids were inside with me taking apart the interior. Across the top was an aluminum "bar" so to speak, that my daughter was unbolting. Meanwhile I am in the front seat with the seat reclined all the way back removing bolts from above the seat belt holder. So picture it, she is removing a piece directly above my head. The parent in me failed to pint out to her that she should keep her hand on it at all times so as not to drop it on my head when the last bolt comes out.

Suddenly BAM! the piece she was removing fell right on my nose. It didn't hit anything else but my nose. It was quite painful but thankfully didn't hurt me to badly or leave a mark.

That night, oh, around midnight or so my husband woke me up from a dead sleep as his elbow poked me right in the nose, dead on, as if it were intentional!

Now instead of my thoughts going how a normal person might think "Is my nose really so big that it is getting in the way?"
My immediate thought is "I have been hit in the nose twice in the same day! I think that is a sign that I should be planning a trip to the Poconos.

Hmmm? Wonder if that'll fly with my husband??

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