Thursday, December 9

Wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, MECHANIC???

Who knew??

Yes I can add "mechanic" to my list of duties these days, well sort of.

A couple years ago I replaced the alternator in my husband's Nissan Sentra, while he replaced the same part in my Mazda. Both vehicles side by side in the driveway hoods wide opened! Must have been quite a sight for the neighbors!

Mine was super easy, despite the couple of times my my husband had to break a bolt loose for me. My job was done in about an hour. Unfortunately 5 hours later my husband was finally finishing up his job. The Mazda required tearing apart the entire front end of the vehicle! Jeesh! Not fun, BUT I will give credit to Mazda, because we have had the car almost 6 years now and really have found it to be pretty dependable. Not too many crippling complications so far. (Praise God!)

Fast forward to this month. My sister recently got married. Of course both were struggling to stay afloat financially due to some unforeseen circumstances involving new marriage and a job loss all at once. Her new husband owned a Ford Bronco that was having problem after problem for the past 6 months. Finally breaking down without hope of being fixed anytime soon on their budget. We decided to rescue them and buy the Bronco off of them to help them get afloat financially, my husband guaranteeing me he could turn around and resell it quickly and get our money back, if not more. OR he could part the car out and make even more money.

Long story short, neither of those really came into existence. We never took into account the economy and the fact that we were only 5 weeks away from Christmas. No one wants to used what little money they have buying a truck that doesn't run, and any part buying for already owned cars is probably on hold until after the holidays. So this past week we have spent every possible second tearing the Bronco down bolt by bolt, screw by screw.

I must admit I am having a blast! Working side by side with my husband, getting greasy and dirty and taking frustrations out on stubborn bolts. It has been an incredible experience. I now know much more about the inside of an engine than I ever wanted to!

SO now you can see why I have been MIA for a few days. And we have yet a few more days of this going on. So I promise (at least I am going to do my VERY best) I will be much more fun to hang out with very, very soon. VROOM VROOM!

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