Monday, October 24


For the past 2 weeks my family has been dealing with sickness.
No fun.
Two Fridays ago my son woke with a sore throat an sinus congestion.
Later that day my daughter complained of sinus pain and chills.
Here we go...
So Saturday morning both kiddos were down for the count. Each having different symptoms.
All plans for beautifying our yard were put on the back burner. Time to go into mommy overdrive. Where is my nurse's cap?

About 1:00 I felt extremely tired and decided to put a movie on, lay on the floor and take a movie nap. Suddenly I felt a chill. Then another. Then I was freezing cold and shaking uncontrollably. My stomach felt queasy and up came my brunch!  Ugh. Here I go right along with them. Where's my hospital gown?

My first thought was food poisoning, but then 3 days of a fever later I realize a stomach bug had finally taken me down. This has never happened to me before. One tough little bug I guess. Where's my mom?

After each of us mastered how to solve a Rubik's Cube we were all finally able to get out of the house again. We went shopping, kids went roller skating, and we even scrubbed the kitchen floor together even though we were all still pretty weak and feeling every effort we made in our still tired muscles.

Saturday comes along, time to tackle that backyard!  John and I head outside. Jessi eats breakfast and then later complains her stomach feels "eh".  Just not right.

Around noon she loses her lunch. My poor baby girl caught the same tummy bug I had last week.
Only hers affected her much harder in that she had to run to the bathroom every half hour. After about 5 times she was afraid to leave the bathroom.

So, Saturday night after finishing our yard work me and my baby-girl pulled 2 large neon green bean bag chairs into the bathroom and camped out in there for 3 hours. Memories were made I tell ya. :)

Finally around 10pm, she was able to leave and try to get some sleep. Yesterday her fever seemed to fizzle out but today she's been running a low fever once again.
I feel so bad that this got her after already being sick last week. She hates sitting around doing nothing. And to have to do it twice, for several days, in the same month is so hard on her.

Why am I sharing all of these details?

Well for the "diary" part of the blogging experience. And to share that although being sick is no fun at all, it always makes me think about how healthy we truly are in this family. We all know that eventually, in less than a week most of the time, we will feel normal again. We might share the bug from person to person, but eventually everyone is going to be back at normal health again.

I am so thankful we don't have any crippling or debilitating diseases to deal with in our every day lives. I hold those that do in a high regard. They really do have to be strong to be able to go through some of the things they have to go through day in and day out and still keep a smile on their faces.

The Lord knows I am not strong enough to do that. Not yet anyway. I am so thankful he hasn't tested me on that yet.

Thank you, Lord. I love you. Always have, always will, come what may.