Tuesday, January 8

2013 Already?

Back in elementary school weren't we writing about what life would be like by the time this year came along? Is it anything like what you imagined? I'm still looking for the flying cars? Anyone know if they're coming any time soon? I know they are driving by themselves or at least close to it anyway. WOW.

So it is once again January in a brand new year. Do you make New Year's resolutions? I don't like to say that I do, but I think I do. I never say it out loud though. Every year I say I'm gonna do better, gonna make changes, gonna get organized, healthy, smarter, closer to God and  skinnier. But by the end of January I have forgotten all about that. Then I slowly throughout the year make a monthly resolution, or a summer resolution, or even weekly resolutions. I'm a wannabe resolution keeper, I guess.

Only one resolution that I have made can I remember ever actually being successful with. That is keeping the stairs free of stuff! Not sure how long ago I decided it but I had the same talk I have had with my family over and over again but this time it clicked with all of us and we have had clear and free stairs in our house for over 9 months! Even through the SUMMER! Quite impressive- to me anyway.

But once again I have made those "arrangements" with myself to do all those things and so far I am pretty proud of my efforts.(I don't call them promises because if they were promises I would have kept them in the past years.) I haven't ever done this well before. This time my main focus was on simplifying our life a little. We have a tendency to collect cluttering stuff all over our house. Just too much stuff laying around waiting for that "what if.." day to come.
Time to pack it up and ship it out.

 So far we have thrown out at least 2 huge trash bags full of junk. Loaded up several boxes of donatables, and even passed a few things off to neighbors. And we have only scratched the surfaces! There is still a lot of detailing to do and more digging to see what else we can find.

So lets see how well I'm doing by this time next week. :)
How are your resolutions going so far?