Monday, January 3

Snow Day in Las Vegas

My number one goal in life is to teach my kids who God is, how much He loves them and I pray that they grow up to have a healthy relationship with God that they will take with them wherever they go and through every moment of their life.

My second goal is to make sure they know how to have fun, live the best life they can without being stupid about it and to take time to enjoy the littlest of things.

We live in a desert. We see snow every year, on a mountain where I have always considered it to be at the back of our city. If you want to see snow you look at the mountain, you drive to the mountain, or you can pray every year that we will get a storm at Christmastime that will bring the White Christmas down to the valley. I have lived in Vegas for over almost 30 years now and we have never had a White Christmas. But this year we got pretty close. The week before it rained and the week after it rained with a few snow flurries here and there.

Well this morning we got a good strong amount of snow that fell starting about 7:00 in the morning as far as I could tell. About 8:00 is started sticking to the ground.

So in my attempt to teach my kids goal number 2, we declared today a snow day even though Clark County didn't. Which in my opinion when you live in a desert and we actually get RAIN we should get the day off of school. If that doesn't make sense, okay I'll let that go, but when we get snow that STICKS to the ground long enough to make one snowball to throw at the neighbor kid across the street we definitely should have a snow day! It's a rare treat that should not be ignored!

On the other hand, because everyone must go about their normal routines on these very, very special days, and my family knows what's really important in life, we were the ONLY people in an entire park playing in every spec of snow we could touch! When we got to the park there was not one single footprint in the snow! When we left there was barely enough snow in any one spot to make a snowball! AWESOMENESS!

This is the second opportunity we have had to do this. It is the best feeling ever! We did the same thing 2 years ago when it started to snow I took my kids out of school to not waste the day! Had the whole park to ourselves the whole time!

In the future I hope that you take the time to enjoy the little things in life. Don't let life get in the way of your LIFE!

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  1. Aahhhh, the simple things :o) They are the best....I often feel like we're the only ones around here that do that stuff too. Even going to the park, there is never anyone else there, even on beautiful warm days :o(