Monday, January 10

Good Morning!

So today I am taking care of business! (Are you singing the song in your head? Cause I am!)

I am feeling AWESOME and it's only noon!

Here is what my morning looked like:

I woke up with a smile. Said "Good morning" to my Lord. Iisn't it awesome that the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE is anxiously awaiting to greet US every morning of every day and I bet when we greet him back right away he gets a smile on his face!

I woke my daughter, something I have to do 95% of the time. Not my favorite thing to do because she milks every second she can get before getting out of bed, but I have to remind myself as much as I can that someday I will miss these mornings with her in her room.

While my kids got ready for school I cleaned out a huge mess of a game closet. Now it's all purty-ful and organized!

I have done 3 loads of laundry and will soon be starting the 4th.

I have read my bible for a few minutes and I will be returning to that in a bit as well.

I ate a small but healthy breakfast, something I NEVER do! I mean NEVER! My breakfast usually consists of either chocolate fudge poptarts with a tall glass of milk, last nights leftovers or a bowl of cereal. Well I guess maybe sometimes my cereal can be healthy.

Then I worked out this morning with my husband. I am feeling sooo good!

We have started doing the Power 90 workout. A lot of people we know are all doing it and so we thought we would do it too so we feel like we're not alone and we have people to spur us on and keep us rockin! I can't wait to feel the changes! I am already on a high from taking care of myself in every aspect i can possible thik of this morning. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow, Ha Ha!

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