Wednesday, January 5

Organizing Chaos

I have a tendency to be afraid of throwing away paper. I keep my kids school papers way too long. I hold on to all bills way too long. I keep receipts way to long. And I keep scraps of everything else in between way too long. When I accumulate a pile of paper on a counter that I need moved and I don't want to deal with I have a set of plastic drawers that I usually stuff them all into so I can "deal with them later".
Later usually never comes until I need that one teeny tiny bit of info and then I have to sort through all of them in one day just to find it, of course throwing at least 75% of them in the trash.

I blame all of this on my easy going lifestyle. I choose to play now and work later. Everything goes on the back burner until I need that back burner for something important, LOL.

My goal is to be better at this in the near future. But if you read my after Christmas post, you can already guess that this will most likely never happen. :}

So anyway for some reason I had to prove to our insurance company that my children do indeed belong to John and I and should be covered under his insurance. So I had to look for all documentation that proved this and then fax it to them. Of course not all of this was in one place. Too easy! I spent most of the morning going through that plastic drawer of paper and I now have 20 piles of paper on my kitchen table waiting for me to get back to.

But of course I am incapable of doing only one job at a time. Once I had those drawers emptied I came up with a brilliantly stupid idea of using these drawers for my 1000 craft supplies I have been storing in a huge ugly cabinet in my dining room! Now I needed to run out and buy more plastic drawers to match the first set to complete project number 2! Now mind you, number 1 is not done yet. So... by dinner time I had paper pile project sprawled all over my kitchen table, and now ON TOP OF THAT art supply chaos project again ALL OVER THE KITCHEN TABLE!

Somebody shoot me!

Yep, you guessed it, my kids come home and have no place to sit for dinner. So "YAY!" They got to sit in the living room at the coffee table eating their spaghetti tonight.

And why am I telling you all of this? Well I have no idea now, I was kind of hoping I could turn this into some wonderfully uplifting message somehow but now I only see it as an opened door into my life that maybe I should have thought twice about sharing.

Now to get back to project #2 so I can find project #1 again before midnight.

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