Wednesday, January 12

My brain took a vacation

On Sunday, (yes I am just now getting around to telling this story) my alarm clock goes off, very loudly I might add. We have not been able to figure out how to get the volume down on the alarm. We have it set to play the radio when it comes on so its not too bad, but when its right above your head it is BLARING!

SO the alarm goes off, I always hit the snooze button to get just 10 more minutes of peace and quiet before I roll out of bed and I notice the numbers 905.

"UGH!" I grumble. John asks me what's wrong. I tell him, somehow the alarm got messed up and it's 9 o'clock. "There is no way in the world we'll be able to get up and be ready for church in 10 minutes. Guess were not going today." So I lay there racking my brain trying to figure out how it could have possibly been changed by accident??????

I decide to text my mom to let her know we won't be there but we're all okay. "NOT GONNA MAKE IT. SOMEHOW THE ALARM GOT CHANGED TO 9. WE'LL NEVER GET READY IN TIME."

She texts me back about 10 minutes later. "IT'S NOT 9 IT'S 7"


I roll over again and look at the clock. 7:12.

Here is my advise to you. Usually when you think there is no possible way something could happen, chances are you are usually right. What my brain failed to realize was that when the radio goes off EVERY morning, I guess it always has shown the numbers of the RADIO STATION (90.5) on the pretty blue screen!

Talk about embarrassing! So we all rolled out of bed and headed off to church 2 hours later, haha!

However for some reason my brain must have stayed in bed that day because ALL day I made silly mistake after silly mistake and words wouldn't come to mind when I needed them, I had my family rolling on the floor most of the day.

Have no fear, I am fine now. Since meeting with my brain on the pillow Sunday night I have been back to normal once again. In fact today I scored a perfect "Brain Age Score" which I have been working on since Christmas! LOL

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  1. HA HA HA! As I published this post the Google ad on the right of the screen says "SCHEDULE YOUR WAKE UP CALL."