Sunday, July 24

How did THAT happen?

My daughter read something interesting to me the other day and it literally dumbfounded me.
 "Years ago everyone had horses and only the rich owned cars. Today everyone has a car and only the rich have horses."

JAW-HITS-THE-FLOOR (I literally sat there staring at here with my mouth wide open for like 30 seconds!)


First of all, why did that affect me so strongly hearing that said out loud?

But second, really? How did that even happen?

Here I am wishing I was "rich enough" to own a horse of my own, something I have wanted since I was in 6th grade, I hear that simple sentence and I am floored.

Do you think maybe, just maybe, it will reverse itself again someday and I may be able to own a horse when I am 90?

One can only hope.

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