Sunday, July 24

Confession time

Confession Time:

I have been a Christian my entire life.

Nope. I only thought I was. I was a "good person" my whole life. But I learned many many years ago that this is not possible. I was a fairly well behaved person, followed most of the rules, tried not to cause any problems for anyone, tried to be polite and responsible, tried not to tell lies, tried to always be kind to others, kept my language fairly clean, never smoked anything, never touched drugs or alcohol except for the one teeny tiny sip of champagne on my wedding day.

I was good, right?  In my own eyes, and maybe others saw me as good too. But my own eyes lied to me. Other people's eyes didn't matter then either. The only eyes that matter are GOD's eyes.

I was comparing myself to others. What I should have been comparing myself to was Jesus and God's rules for living on this planet.

When I finally realized that, I became His child. I accepted the amazing gift He gave me and decided to let Him come into my heart, to be my Lord and Savior.

But I did it wrong.

I lied to myself again. I believed that as long as I stayed "good" and said those "magic words" at the foot of the altar one Wednesday evening in a youth group that I was good to go.

Wrong again.

I was going to church every Sunday, every Sunday night, every Wednesday night. I went to every possible church event and fellowship gathering, Bible studies, Christian concerts, I did it all.

But when I got home I lived MY LIFE. I did what I wanted to do. Nothing "bad" just not necessarily God's will. I wasn't seeking Him on the plain old ordinary day during the week when there wasn't a church activity planned. Honestly, I wasn't seeking Him on Sunday after 1:00pm!

I have heard those words over and over...and over again. "You need to be in the WORD OF GOD"
And I would sit there and nod my head I agreement and say to myself, "Yep, you all should listen."

I was in the Word, a lot...or so I thought. I went to all of these functions, I heard God's word here and there repeatedly. I took extensive notes during 95% of the sermons I heard, I followed along in my Bible, I only listened to Christian radio stations, A LOT, they not only sing but they read God's word all day long, I even have pictures, signs plaques, pens, folders, books, everything I could find with scripture verses printed on them. I was surrounded by God's Word! Oh I was IN God's word alright!

Confession: wrong again.

I realize now that throughout all of these years I wasn't really growing or changing. I was alive, very much alive but barely but if I were a plant I probably had yellowing leaves! I wasn't growing. Just getting enough of the living water to keep me from dying but not allowing me to grow into the beautiful plant I was meant to be, with fruit!

It was only just a few months ago that I realized what it really meant to be IN God's Word.
It meant to devote myself to reading from the Bible. Studying it. Soaking it all up.
I began in October and since then I have spent 1
  to 3 hours almost every day (still working on consistency) reading his Word. 

I have never felt so filled before. In my reading and studying, I have finally learned what it truly means to fear the Lord. I have learned lessons on OBEDIENCE, being patient, on trusting God, on faithfulness. I have read about God's providence and His protection. 

I have gotten to know God on a deeper level. I feel like I finally invited Him into my home rather than keeping him as close as the neighbor next door.

So, I encourage you, if you aren't opening your Bible on a consistent basis and really reading it, trust me, you are missing out on one of the greatest blessings there are! I promise you it will change your life!

And if by chance this post is helpful in encouraging you to start a new devoted time with the Lord in His beautiful Word, please let me know so I can pray for you and encourage you.

God Bless.


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