Friday, July 10

Camping Trip

So we just got back from an almost week long camping trip with friends from church. We had an amazing time. I was extremely impressed with the fact that everyone that we knew from only seeing them through church activities was true to character the entire time we were camping with them. I fully expected to see a side of some that I didn't want to know existed. New friendships were made that I am pretty excited about as well. God truly blessed us all on this trip.

Just a few short memories from each day so I don't forget.

Wednesday: Road trip was comfortable and relaxing.
Bruce passed us up, we ran into them at a convenience store.
Got to camp, used detective work to figure out it was our group because no one was there. Jeff's flip flops, Mike's Trader Joe stuff, Nancy's Bible.

Soon as we put the tent up the wind started picking up and the storm rolled in. Rain started falling pretty hard just as dinner was about to be made. It POURED for the longest 45 minutes in history (wink wink)
Mike grilled hamburgers under an umbrella with a metal spatula under a thundering storm!
Kids took shelter in the shower because "It's warm and there are seats. Ready? Go!" (says Nate to Carissa who stood motionless and watched him run away. LOL
Our tent and the Ivey tent had a late night laugh fest. Asked to quiet down by the Breed tent. LOL.

Thursday: Crawfishing, "Levi was a trooper" Caught approximately 300 crawfish that night.

Ivey's made Indian tacos, yummm
Most went to Leman caves. Andrea and I went to the town to do laundry. Enjoyed wonderful conversation. Jeff took the girls to the lake. (Jessi, Trinity, Carissa)

Friday: Fishing/swimming/Levi in raft. Went back to camp to make dinner. Chili and 4 hour baked potatoes. Jeff, "Where's my dinner?"
Mike cut finger, "all the time" but rarely ever cut's himself. Broke his toe later that night. John and Levi went crawfishing alone at night.

Saturday: "Fishing date" with Karl. John caught "brown trout" I caught 4 rainbows. Kids went with rest to 4th of July parade. Leftover night, bacon wrapped hot dogs, fajitas, chili dogs, fried potatoes. Giovanni scares all the kids. Pinterest rockets were a dud. :(

Sunday: First cold morning. No more firewood. clear blue skies for the first time since we got there. Got to see a deer as I was praying by myself in the early morning.
Jeff, Andrea and Giovanni offered to pay for us to go to brunch with everyone else at Hotel Nevada. Jeff at time to pay, "I told them first."   Linus in a purse under the table. Such a good boy!

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