Friday, April 6

A year?

Really? A whole year, minus 6 days, since I have been here. What is wrong with me? Haha. I am so not good at this blogging stuff.

Well here I am with my 3rd attempt. Or 4th. Or have I reached 5 or 6 tries now? Oh well.

Today I am officially an AUNT! Well sort of. I have nieces by marriage. My husband had a brother and a sister. Together they have 5 girls. Beautiful girls! But my brother, full blooded brother has finally had his first child, a little boy named Elijah James. I have yet to see the little guy's face though and it is driving me crazy!

You see, up there at the top of my post is the one and only picture I have seen so far. No face! Grr. I am trying so hard to be patient but I don't know how much more I have in me. LOL.

Honestly I have so much to do today and I can't concentrate. so I better get off of this here computer thingy and get back to work. Maybe even skip the work and go to the hospital to see the baby face for myself. That is if they'll let me take my kids in there too. :)

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