Thursday, April 7

Another Milestone!

It seems this blogging thing isn't easy for me. For the life of me I can't figure out why. I am on the computer at least once a day but I forget about this all the time.

We reached a major milestone in my family this past weekend. My little boy went out on a 3 day adventure all by himself for the first time. And we all survived! Levi is in GATE and he had the opportunity to go on a 3 day field trip to Astrocamp in CA. At first I thought NO WAY! but then thought, what an opportunity for him. I wouldn't want him to miss out. So I asked TONS of questions and found out one of the chaperones was the father of some awesome kids and he also happens to be a police officer. So my mind was more at ease knowing that if anything should happen this guy has got to have a good head on his shoulders and know what to do in an emergency situation, ya know. SO if it weren't for him going my son might not have gone, LOL!

So Friday morning came and I was able to talk my husband into taking him to the school to see him off cause I knew I couldn't handle it. I stayed home with Jess. My poor husband came home sobbing. I didn't know it would be this hard on him, but I was proud of him at the same time.
Once he came home it was time for the countdown to receive the call that they had made it there safely. My Fridays are spent out with my mom, we go shopping, or walking and then out to lunch together. So I was in my normal "no worries" mode as usually on Fridays and completely forgot I was waiting for the phone call! So when it came I was actually shocked at how fast they got there!

Saturday we spent the day at my mom's having a yard sale, and then Sunday we had our monthly Family Day at the park, playing and fishing and having fun. We left the park at 5 to go play ball at the school to wait for Levi to come home.

I never once cried or worried about him the whole time he was gone. I prayed a few times for him for safety and then I also had to step back and ask Jesus to pray for me cause I didn't know what to pray.

Suddenly we looked over and the  buses were pulling in! We ran across the parking lot and as I looked in the window of the buss I saw my little boys silhouette and this HUGE lump rose up in my throat! The second I saw his eyes I started bawling like a baby! It was the most awesome feeling in the world to have my son back home again. I hugged him tight and cried huge gobbing tears all over his head! Now of course he was crying too but he was laughing through his tears and suddenly we are all laughing and crying at the same time!

It sure is amazing being a mom!

Everyone said he did really well they had an absolute blast. Levi doesn't speak much about it like everyone said they would but I know he had a good time. He is very reserved when it comes to showing excitement. Takes after his mommy.

to be continued...

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